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Why teach?

Psyching up for another academic year some may wake up and ask why go into teaching?

Out of more lessons than out of more times I have probably brushed my teeth, one particular lesson stands out when I need psyching up.

Harking back some years now, my work was as a visiting guitar tutor in a secondary school that was facing a bereavement of a pupil whom passed away suddenly. From the signing in at the school reception and the faces from the staff, I knew it was going to be a challenging visit. Pupils lined to memorial assemblies in corridors on way to the teaching room. The music department staff advised me pupils attending music classes are likely to be not in best frame of mind to concentrate. I was struck by one pupil who arrived for her guitar lesson she was much withdrawn and quiet doing what she could focus on in the class. Despite the bleak circumstances by end of the lesson-  she managed a small smile.

So before lessons start I try to remember you may be able to make a difference to someones outlook- just from playing the guitar for a while.

Have a good year.


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